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Wire Wrapped Connector

Wire wrapped connectors are used to join one link to another.  Joining several connectors together can form a chain.

You will need:

50cm of .6 wire

4 beads (approx 6mm)

round nose pliers

chain nose pliers

flat nose pliers

flush cutters

The first thing I do when making a wire wrapped connector chain is mark my round nose pliers.   It looks alot neater if all of the loops of your connectors are the same size.  To do this, mark a place along the nose of your round nose pliers with a permanent marker.  I usually mark approximately 4mm from the tip, but this is completely up to you.

To form a wire wrapped connector, clean and flush cut 10cm of .6 wire.   I choose .6 wire as I know it will go through most bead holes.  It is the wire that I use for simple wire work.

Using your round nose pliers (at the permanent marker point), hold the wire approximately 4cm from the top of the wire.

Form a wire wrapped loop

Add a bead to the open end of the wire.

Hold directly above the bead using your round nose pliers.  Make sure the you CANNOT see through the hole in the already formed loop.  The loop should go from side to side rather than you being able to see through it.  This will ensure that the loops sit parallel either side of the bead.

Now form a wire wrapped loop on top of the bead.  The two loops should look a little like ears either side of the bead 🙂

Next flush cut and clean another 10cm of .6 wire.   Hold the wire approximately 4cm down from the top and form the first part of a wire wrapped loop.

Now slip this first part of a wire wrapped loop onto one of the loops of the first connector.

Make sure it goes all the way through so that the two loops are connected.

Hold across the loop with your chain nose pliers.

Complete the wire wrapped loop.

Now place a bead on the open end of the wire.

Form a wire wrapped loop at the top of the bead.

Continue in this manner until you have the desired length of chain.

Connectors can also be used to:

Connect chain to beads

or you could add longer sections of beads to your wire to form a less dainty looking necklace or bracelet…….experiment and have fun 🙂


Now that you are able to form wire wrapped connectors, have a go at making the Rope Chain Necklace in the free Beginners Lessons.  This great necklace will have you practicing wire wrapped connectors over and over again until they are absolutely perfect! 🙂

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